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Mahayanafilms Story


Mahayana Films Ltd is a team of professionals specialised in feature film / documentary / web or TV commercial / music-video pre-production, production, post production, line-production and distribution.

Our aim is to help the visionaries translate their vision into realities.

Mahayana Films Limited objective is to become the world’s leading independent producer of films, TV and content provider, by utilising its team’s enthusiasm and professionalism. The company’s primary financial goals are to maximize earnings and cash flow towards growth initiatives that will drive long-term investor value


Mahayana Films is a film production company set up to make films by Anand Naidu.

Anand was recognized in 2001 as a leading young chartered accountant by ICANZ and is an established actor/producer for various documentaries and films such as The Bollywood Dance, Curry Muncher’s 2011, Feeling Lucky and now The Stranded Pearl.

As a qualified actor and he has had several lead roles in projects and continues to be in high demand for film projects from New Zealand to India.

He is a very talented individual who worked as a taxation consultant for development projects in the Kingdom of Bhutan and special technical advisor to the Bhutan Cricket Association.

Anand is currently a CFO and company secretary for an Airline company in Rarotonga.


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