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An island paradise, big business, complex characters, love and betrayal set the scene for this light-hearted romantic action adventure film. Set in the stunning scenery of the South Pacific, with drama, action and comedy at every turn, it tells the story of a woman who learns that her life is half lived, and a man who has closed himself off from the world to hide from the pain of his past.


Directed by: Ken Khan​
Written by: Rachel Smith​
Produced by: Anand Naaido, Ken Naz

Cast: Kristy Wright, Aunanda Naidoo, Robert Reitano, Aleisha Rose,

Jagdish Punja, Rawiri Paratene, Ray Woolf, Stan Wolfgramm,

Rob Kipa Williams, Richard Halpin


Rating: PG
Runtime: 1Hr 31mins

Release date: 2nd May

Genre: Romantic Comedy/ Drama


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